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The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is happy to present the latest draft of Plan20-50, a regional plan for the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region. Click the button below to download a PDF (37 MB).
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The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is pleased to provide the second draft of Plan20-50 2.0 for your review and comment and we'd love to hear what you think. Click below to fill out our survey form.
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Plan20-50 is a long-term regional growth plan being developed by the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region. It is the first step in maintaining and building a strong economy and strong communities, while being good stewards of our land and water.
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Creating more freedom to express the values of our unique communities

Whether it is a healthy love of the outdoors, a language preference, or nightlife, arts and entertainment; when the base structures are well in place, communities have more resources and freedom to express their individuality and attract like-minded people and enterprises.

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