Excelling together at the aspects of municipal leadership that are not sexy

The bread and butter issues of municipal government are topics like land use, water and wastewater management, roads, bridges and infrastructure. Instead of each municipality doing the best they can on these complex portfolios, through draft Plan20-50 we are working together when it makes sense, pooling our efforts to develop and implement best practice solutions for the benefit of all. Strong communities depend on regional collaboration.

Creating more freedom to express the values of our unique communities

Whether it is a healthy love of the outdoors, a language preference, or nightlife, arts and entertainment; when the base structures are well in place, communities have more resources and freedom to express their individuality and attract like-minded people and enterprises.

Draft Plan20-50 paves the way for economic growth to 2050

Have a voice and help shape the future of our region. Manitoba’s first long-term regional plan to guide land use, servicing and development in the...
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