Plan20-50 Public Open Houses

Please join us at our public open houses on Plan20-50 on the following dates:...
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Land, Water, and Other Natural Resources Inventory

The more we know about our land, water and other natural resources, the better able we are to restore, protect, and enhance these important natural features....
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Read the latest draft of Plan20-50

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is happy to present the latest draft of Plan20-50, a regional plan for the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region. Click the button below to download a PDF (37 MB).
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Learn more about Plan20-50

Plan20-50 is a long-term regional growth plan being developed by the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region. It is the first step in maintaining and building a strong economy and strong communities, while being good stewards of our land and water.
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Creating more freedom to express the values of our unique communities

Whether it is a healthy love of the outdoors, a language preference, or nightlife, arts and entertainment; when the base structures are well in place, communities have more resources and freedom to express their individuality and attract like-minded people and enterprises.

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