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October 10, 2019

| 06 45 AM - 08 30 PM

698 Osborne Street | Winnipeg

Collaborative Leadership Hits The Big Screen!

Collaborative Leadership Initiative
As you may be aware, since October 2017 mayors and reeves of the Winnipeg Metro Region and the chiefs of the Southern Chiefs' Organization have been engaged in a formal process to transform their relationship through the Collaborative Leadership Initiative (CLI). Though building a better understanding about our shared history and through thoughtful dialogue about how they could move their communities forward together, the mayors, reeves and chiefs signed a historic MOU on March 1, 2019 and are making great progress in overcoming barriers to collaboration that have been in place for over 150 years. We invite you to join the leaders along with award-winning filmmakers Denis Paquette and Carmen Henriquez from RealWorld Media as they share the story of the CLI progress to date, through film. Please secure your tickets for the film through Eventbrite:

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