Where Collaboration is Key

Here, we work together on projects that cross boundaries in support of good growth, good stewardship and good governance.
Modeled on successful capital regions throughout North America, Winnipeg Metropolitan Region municipalities work together to realize the benefits of collaboration while preserving local autonomy.

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is a partnership. It allows municipalities to address common opportunities and challenges – job creation, future infrastructure needs, long-term environmental protection and resilience to threats like climate change – in a coordinated way that amplifies the benefits to member municipalities.

Manitoba’s Economic Heart

Originally formed in 1998, the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is made up of 18 municipalities including the City of Winnipeg and is the fastest-growing area of Manitoba and the province’s economic hub. Today, two-thirds of Manitobans call the Metro Region home, and the region accounts for 70% of provincial GDP.




We see a safe, healthy, efficient, prosperous and strong Metro Region with a strong Capital City, where the public, governments, and organizations work together cooperatively, enhancing community development opportunities, effectively managing resources, and providing all citizens with a high quality of life.
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