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February 25, 2021

Planning Together to Protect Our Environment

Plan20-50 Environment
Because water crosses all boundaries.

Five watershed districts and 18 sub-districts were developed within the Winnipeg Metro Region in January 2020, in an effort to best manage water, land, and biodiversity resources in Manitoba.

A watershed is a defined geographic area where all surface water drains into a common point.This means that everyone across the region has a direct impact on—and is directly impacted by—the quality of our freshwater resources, even if you don’t live near a shoreline.

It is clear that we must plan for climate change and build resiliency in our region. Municipalities must work together to respond to floods, droughts, and the effects of extreme weather events. To be wise environmental stewards we have to support healthy ecosystems, biodiversity, and watersheds and ensure optimal water quality and quantity, while balancing the needs of the natural environment, the needs of communities, and the needs of a growing economy.

We’re building a plan to protect our environment.

Collaboration is vital to the long-term protection of the natural resources that we all share. As the Winnipeg Metro Region continues to grow, a collaborative approach is critical to preserving agricultural and sensitive lands while facilitating new development.
Draft Plan20-50 will provide effective and consistent approaches to protect, restore, and enhance our ecosystems, watersheds, and environmentally sensitive areas across the region. It will also recognize the social and economic importance of traditional lifestyles, recreation, and tourism for future generations. We are all connected by water and we will benefit by working together to protect it.

That’s why Draft Plan20-50 is so important.

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