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October 31, 2019

For the Benefit of All

Plan20-50 Economic development
The Province of Manitoba provided the Winnipeg METRO Region (WMR) a mandate to coordinate regional economic development, land use, and servicing to increase the economic competitiveness of the Winnipeg METRO Region. To deliver on this, the WMR engaged Dr. Robert Murray, one of North America’s leading authorities on public policy and regional economic development. Dr. Murray consulted with over 100 stakeholders and reviewed the current processes, policies, governance structures and entities responsible for land use planning and infrastructure, shared servicing, and economic development in the Region.

Dr. Murray’s review culminates in the report—For the Benefit of All: Regional Competitiveness & Collaboration in the Winnipeg Metro Region, outlining the major steps in moving the Region forward by developing a culture of regional collaboration, building a foundation for economic success, and developing an investor-ready climate. By developing regional systems around land use planning and infrastructure, shared servicing, and regional economic development, the region stands to benefit from proven approaches to increasing service levels to residents while becoming more globally economic competitive.

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