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March 23, 2018

The Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region has a new name and a new outlook

Welcome to the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region. We are growing and evolving, based on our strengthened spirit of collaboration, so Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region (PMCR) has adopted a new name and a new look. The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region that reflects the importance of our strong centre city – Winnipeg – and the unique character of the surrounding communities that make us a more exciting, productive and a desirable place to be.

Since 1998 The Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region (PMCR) has brought the regions leaders together to tackle the many challenges of municipal governments. In step with the region’s long history of enterprise and innovation, the Mayors and Reeves have broadened their collective vision and are announcing a new name to reflect this perspective.

The communities across this region are strongly inter-connected and we are learning how to benefit from collaborative action. Colleen Sklar, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region stated “our new name reflects this evolution and aligns us with other metro regions in Canada and the rest of the world. These places are finding ways to effectively work together to solve a wide array of challenges allowing them to be more resilient and adapt to fast-changing landscapes. We will do that too.”
From its inception in 1998 by Winnipeg Mayor Susan Thompson and a group of pioneering Capital Region leaders the PMCR has continued to evolve while staying focused on the job at hand, creating the conditions for good growth, good stewardship and good governance.

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region represents 18 municipalities including and surrounding the City of Winnipeg. “The current leaders around the table see more opportunities than ever before to collaborate, this allows to not only meet the needs of our communities but to maximize the full potential of this growing metropolitan region and the Province of Manitoba” said Frances Smee, Reeve of Rosser and Co-Chair of the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.

“Whether you live in Winnipeg or the surrounding area, we are all connected, our kids go to school together, play sports together and attend events, regardless of the municipality we live in, our communities have moved beyond political boundaries. It is time now for policies and politics to catch up”, said Co-Chair Janice Lukes Councillor for the City of Winnipeg.

We are embracing a renewed spirit of partnership, allowing us to join the roster of other competitive regions such as the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, Denver Region and Calgary Metropolitan Region. We are joining a movement that reflects the values of our historical roots and ensures that our future will remain true to them.

Moving in step with regions across Canada and the globe requires that we build better relationships, adopt sound frameworks and pursue opportunities that encourage partnerships. This will allow us to realize our full potential, to be competitive, and a place where local businesses expand; where new businesses come and set-up shop and where the environment is protected for future generations. This is the mission of the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.

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