July 12, 2018

Fibre Optics—Connecting to Opportunity

On Thursday July 12, 2018 local leaders gathered at the East St. Paul council chambers to review the findings of the recently completed Fibre Optic Feasibility Study. This detailed 1500-page study commissioned by the newly formed JohnQ Public Impact Incorporated - a municipally owned development corporation - outlined the business case and feasibility of the project. By undertaking the development of a shared fibre optic network across each participating community, Internet connectivity will be provided to all residents and businesses alike.

Most municipalities outside of Winnipeg don't have the fibre optic infrastructure that provides fast, future-ready internet and communication services that residents need; and they can't provide the advanced supports that business and industry look for when expanding or relocating.

Today’s economy and changing workforce requires access to fibre optic networks. With many Internet service providers offering fibre optic networks in communities where the population density supports their business models, this leaves many communities with low-speed and limited bandwidth often at a considerable cost.

Over the next few months through JohnQ, the leaders will explore several options and possible opportunities as they develop a full financial strategy and investigate all options available for the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region communities to achieve its goal of connecting communities to create economic opportunities in a way that is affordable for everyone. Further information on this exciting initiative will continue to be shared as it becomes available.

Participating communities include:
  • RM of East St. Paul 
  • RM of Headingley
  • RM of Macdonald
  • RM of Ritchot
  • RM of Rockwood
  • RM of Rosser
  • RM of St. Andrews
  • RM of St. Clements 
  • RM of St. Françis Xavier 
  • RM of Taché
  • RM of West St. Paul

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