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November 01, 2021

First Draft of Plan20-50

Since 1998 the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region has been fostering collaboration and working towards a strong, sustainable and prosperous region for all.

Taking direction from Building Something Big (2014) and Securing Our Future (2016), in 2019 the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region was mandated to assemble the first draft of a best-practice, 30-year regional vision and plan for Manitoba’s capital region. In consultation with 500 experts and over a thousand stakeholders, the first draft of Plan20-50 was publicly released in April 2021 for comment and feedback from all. The gathering of feedback continues today.

The process for developing the first draft of Plan20-50 encouraged broad stakeholder participation and transparency, ensuring the perspective and feedback of all stakeholders was considered. All feedback was gathered and compiled in a 645-page review report document and provided to the Province of Manitoba on June 11, 2021 for provincial review and analysis, along with the publicly available first draft of Plan20-50. The review report and all subsequent comment and feedback will also be provided to the new Capital Planning Regional Board.

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is now collaborating with stakeholders across the region to:

  • Support the understanding of regional planning for the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region (e.g. holding a variety of workshops, meetings, and presentations).
  • Continue to encourage, collect and compile feedback, and recommended edits to the first draft of Plan20-50 to provide to the new Capital Planning Region Board.
  • Gather regional-scale data and develop regional models and tools to foster regional understanding and policy direction to support the Capital Planning Region (such as Goods Movement Study, climate and resiliency planning, and natural asset planning).

Bill 37, now The Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act, provides direction for contents of a regional plan. The first draft of Plan20-50 follows this direction.

The forthcoming regulations for The Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act will provide detailed guidance with respect to regional planning processes and the Capital Planning Region, including:

  • local and regional planning process;
  • regional plan implementation and approval process;
  • Capital Planning Regional Board makeup, mandate and voting structure; and
  • guidebooks and other tools to support the local development planning process.

Note: The first draft of Plan20-50 has not been presented for endorsement or approval to the WMR Board or any of the WMR member municipalities.

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