Coordinated Infrastructure & Service Delivery

If the Capital Region is to function effectively as more than the sum of its parts, it will be largely due to the manner in which the provision of services and infrastructure are addressed on a regional scale. Addressing transportation as a comprehensive, integrated network is fundamental as is the pursuit of service-sharing agreements to promote an expanded range of services while ensuring the efficient use of resources.

Our Way

Now released: Securing Our Future: An Action Plan for Manitoba’s Capital Region

Securing Our Future: An Action Plan for Manitoba’s Capital Region is a long-term regional action plan for coordinated planning, strategic infrastructure investment, service sharing and economic growth to achieve our vision of a competitive, connected and resilient Manitoba Capital Region now and for our future.

See Coordinated Infrastructure & Service Delivery in Securing Our Future.

Achieving Our Goals 

  • We improve to protect, and restore water quality and ensure quantity to meet community needs now and into the future. 
  • We view waste as resource and manage our solid and liquid waste through integrated resource management and planning. 
  • We share and coordinate utility infrastructure and community services with neighbouring municipalities and on a regional level. 
  • We have an integrated view of our local and region al assets to manage them more effectively over their full lifecycle. 

Our Region


Waste Disposal in the Capital Region 

There are many data gaps for solid waste operations in Manitoba’s Capital Region. Basic data such as the weight of materials brought to waste disposal grounds is lacking due to very few sites possessing weigh scales (only three waste disposal grounds visited in this review were found to possess scales). Although databases exist for residential waste streams, it appears no databases exist for the following streams:

• institutional, commercial, and industrial (ICI)

• construction, renovation and demolition (CR & D)

• private waste management facilities

Additionally, no database exists or is accessible for the use of recycled materials by local industry and community and for costs associated with waste management systems.



Solid Waste Review

During the summer of 2016 the Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region initiated a first review of solid waste facilities, composition, and stream in Manitoba’s Capital Region. The review gathered baseline data from existing waste management databases and through site observations. This review is intended to support a broader study of waste management, identifying major avenues for waste diversion and reduction in the Capital Region. The gathering and organizing of information on solid waste composition, character, flow patterns, market characteristics, recycling and modes of disposal, can better inform strategies to recover more material from the waste stream and support businesses engaged in the recovery, processing, marketing, and use of materials in the Capital Region.



Emergency Services Reporting System

“In Emergency Services we are working toward collaborative solutions for Manitoba’s Capital Region, exploring opportunities to identify shared issues and find common solutions; increasing the safety of residents and the fire service, while managing budgets and resources effectively and sustainably.”

Read the full report here.



From Waste to Resource

From Waste to Resource: An Integrated Approach (#W2R) was held at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre on January 28, 2016.

Capital Region leaders recognized the need for new and innovative ways to manage waste and hosted a delegation from the Netherlands led by the Consul General, Mr. Anne van Leeuwen.

During the three-days of discussions, a one-day interactive workshop featured experts on global best practice who presented to over 200 participants from universities, governments, business and industry as well as waste management experts.

Read the full report here.


Good Works

Manitoba Capital Region: Dunnottar Passive Filter

The Village of Dunnottar, located in the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg, piloted a full-scale passive filter system designed to filter nutrients from wastewater in their treatment lagoon. 

 “The passive filter is made up of two cells, which essentially mimic the process of a natural wetland. There are plants bedded into sand, gravel and rocks in the cells that are the filter. Wastewater is discharged from the lagoon’s cells through the passive filter, where nutrients and contaminants are removed. They are trapped and used by the plants. Nitrogen, specifically, is processed by bacteria and released into the atmosphere in the form of N2 gas.” ~ Interlake Today

Read the full article here.


Manitoba Capital Region: Brady 4R Winnipeg Depot

“The Brady 4R Winnipeg Depot provide a new landfill experience for residents to recycle and dispose of all their unwanted materials in a safer, more pleasant environment featuring paved roads, landscaping and a convenient one-stop shop environment.” ~ City of Winnipeg

The Brady 4R Winnipeg Depot provides a place for Manitoba Capital Region residents to drop off material that they no longer need, but can be recycled or reused. The size of the depot enables more waste diversion from landfills due to the larger range of materials they accept. 

For more details, read their brochure here.


Phnom Phen, Vietnam: Phnom Pehn, Vietnam Builds One of World’s Best Water Systems

“Two decades ago, the capital city of Cambodia had virtually no water system to speak of. Few households received running water, pipes were leaky and corruption was rampant. With a change in leadership in 1993, the city’s water department set out to do what no one thought possible: build a municipal water system that would be the envy of the world. Today, not only is Phnom Penh’s water system efficient, it’s resilient, able to bounce back quickly from shocks big and small.” ~ Next

To read the full article and watch the video, please click here.


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