Coordinated Regional Development

Equitable and coordinated regional planning that integrates land use, transportation, and infrastructure is critical to both strong communities and a strong Capital Region.

Decision-making in the absence of good data and the lack of coordination between Municipal Development Plans and levels of government contributes to higher infrastructure costs, duplication, and hinders sustainable regional growth patterns.

The 2040 Vision - Coordinated Regional Development provides a range of housing choices close to employment, amenities and services while recognizing the importance of a healthy Winnipeg core. Planning and infrastructure across boundaries to connect our communities with efficient transportation networks and services that provide choice, utilize existing infrastructure, increase safety, enhance livability, and promote the wise use of resources.


Our Way

Now released: Securing Our Future: An Action Plan for Manitoba’s Capital Region

Securing Our Future: An Action Plan for Manitoba’s Capital Region is a long-term regional action plan for coordinated planning, strategic infrastructure investment, service sharing and economic growth to achieve our vision of a competitive, connected and resilient Manitoba Capital Region now and for our future.

See Coordinated Regional Development in Securing Our Future.

 Achieving Our Goals  

  • We have a comprehensive and coordinated region planning that promotes an interconnected region. 
  • We have a strategically integrated regional development pattern with a range of affordable housing choices and a variety of well utilized transportation options.
  • We continually monitor our local and regional plans and policies, identifying uncertainties, managing risk, and effectively responding to change. 


Our Region 

There are 18 municipalities that are part of the Partnership of Manitoba Capital Region. Of these, 12 of the member municipalities are guided under the authority of four Planning Districts, being:

  • White Horse Plains Planning District: RM of Cartier and RM of St. Francois Xavier
  • South Interlake Planning District: RM of Rosser, RM of Rockwood, and Town of Stonewall
  • Macdonald Ritchot Planning District: RM of Macdonald and RM of Ritchot
  • Red River Planning District (RRPD): RM of St. Clements, RM of St. Andrews, RM of West St. Paul, Dunnottar, the City of Selkirk and the RM of East St. Paul*(ESP is still governed by its own development plan administered by RRPD)
  • Niverville 

The City of Winnipeg, the RM of Tache, the RM of Springfield and the RM of Headingley are not part of a planning district and are responsible for land use planning and development within their respective boundaries. 

The Provincial Planning Act requires a planning district or a municipality to prepare its own Development Plan for its planning area. The Development Plan is the basic planning tool for local governments in Manitoba to plan land use and development for the future.

Please see below to explore all plans.

Link all 9 plans. (we have to find this...)


The Capital Region is growing.

 See Capital Region Total Population and Net Migration (1991 – 2011) 


Good Works

Edmonton Capital Region:


Report of the Advisory Panel on Metro Edmonton’s Future: Be Ready, or Be Left Behind

In a report by the Advisory Panel on Metro Edmonton’s Future to the Metro Mayors Alliance, they stated,

“Our advice to the Mayors is this: a globally competitive Edmonton Metro Region is achievable, but it will require municipalities planning, delivering and acting as one Metro Region in certain key areas. The modelling commissioned by our Panel indicates that if municipalities plan, decide and act as one Metro Region through an integrated approach, the expansion of the overall settlement footprint could be cut by approximately half. This would save precious agricultural land and natural areas. Municipal servicing costs would be cut in half, reducing upward pressure on municipal tax rates and saving money for taxpayers. All of this would help make the Metro Region globally competitive and improve its quality of life.”

To read the full report, please click here



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