In order to build regional prosperity through our unique competitive advantage, we need to know our strengths and weaknesses. A consistent approach and clear information will expand our regional economic opportunities that are maximized when we are visible and compelling in local, national and international markets. 

An integrated regional strategy for long term land use forms the basis for everything else that has regional implications. Collaborating toward a clear, shared plan simplifies every decision that follows and strengthens us all.

Fluid transportation networks connect beyond municipal boundaries to the workforce, lifestyles, resources and opportunities that drive our growth as a region. Expanding options for the movement of people and goods safely and efficiently builds on the momentum already underway.

As stewards we are responsible to ensure the integrity the regions safe drinking water, clean rivers, streams and lakes, prime agricultural lands, vigorous natural areas and clean air. By building resilience we stabilize the foundations of our economy, our safety, and our quality of life in the face of an unpredictable future. 

We can move forward strategically to achieve more. We can take advantage of opportunities to share knowledge, plans, and municipal services and more - we can maximize the value of budgets, reduce gaps and overlaps in service delivery, focusing our limited resources to areas where they have the most impact. 

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