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The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region has been meeting together since 1999 to: work together to develop a competitive, economically strong Winnipeg Region; build strong civic leadership in the Region and strengthen working relationships; create awareness of Winnipeg Metro Region issues and concerns; and resolve issues.

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is committed to a relationship of cooperation founded in communication, mutual understanding, trust and respect. We believe that through collaboration, the Winnipeg Metro Region as a whole can be greater than the sum of its parts, and a model of regional cooperation and planning.

Our partnership provides the opportunity for Winnipeg Region municipalities to discuss and work on issues that cross their respective boundaries. It supports a flexible approach that recognizes that different issues may involve different stakeholders and different regional processes.

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is supportive of the many regional and inter-municipal initiatives that currently exist in the Winnipeg Metro Region. It recognizes and supports the autonomy of local government to develop and implement inter-municipal agreements. The organization also recognizes local government autonomy to deal with other governments and stakeholders directly.


The following is the Vision Statement for the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region:

"A safe, healthy, efficient, prosperous and strong Capital Region with a strong Capital City, where the public, governments, and organizations work together cooperatively, enhancing community development opportunities, effectively managing resources, and providing all citizens with a high quality of life."


Co Chair - City of Winnipeg - Councillor Janice Lukes
Co Chair - RM of Rosser - Reeve Frances Smee
RM of Macdonald - Reeve Bradley Erb
RM of East St. Paul - Mayor Shelley Hart
RM of West St. Paul - Mayor Bruce Henley
RM of Ritchot - Mayor Chris Ewen
RM of St. Clements - Mayor Debbie Fiebelkorn
RM of St. Andrews - Mayor George Pike
RM of Rockwood - Reeve Jim Campbell
RM of Tache - Mayor Robert Rivard
City of Selkirk - Mayor Larry Johannson
RM of Headingley - Mayor John Mauseth
Town of Stonewall - Mayor Lockie McLean
RM of Cartier - Reeve Dale Fossay
RM of St. Francois Xavier - Reeve Dwayne Clark
RM of Springfield - Reeve Bob Bodnaruk
Town of Niverville - Mayor Myron Dyck
Town Of Dunnottar - Mayor Rick Gamble



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Unit 1 - 1749 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 0E6

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