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The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region (WMR) is comprised of 18 municipalities that include and surround the City of Winnipeg. The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region provides the platform for municipalities to work on projects that cross boundaries that support good growth, good stewardship and good governance.

The WMR was originally formed in 1998 and legislated through the Capital Region Partnership Act in 2006, which gives the organization its mandate to set priorities in areas for planning, growing and servicing the region.

The Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is the economic engine of our province. With 64% of the total population of Manitoba and 70% of the GDP, an economically strong metro region is central to the well-being not just of regional partners, but the Province of Manitoba as a whole.

Our Vision

The following is the Vision Statement for the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region:

"A safe, healthy, efficient, prosperous and strong Metro Region with a strong Capital City, where the public, governments, and organizations work together cooperatively, enhancing community development opportunities, effectively managing resources, and providing all citizens with a high quality of life."

Our Board Members

City of Winnipeg - Councillor Scott Gillingham (Co-chair), Councillor John Orlikow

RM of Rosser - Reeve Fran Smee (Co-chair)

City of Selkirk - Mayor Larry Johannson

RM of Cartier - Reeve Dale Fossay

RM of East St. Paul - Mayor Shelley Hart

RM of Headingley - Mayor John Mauseth

RM of Macdonald - Reeve Brad Erb

RM of Ritchot - Mayor Chris Ewen

RM of Rockwood - Reeve J. Wesley Taplin

RM of Springfield - Reeve Tiffany Fell

RM of St. Andrews - Mayor Joy Sul

RM of St. Clements - Mayor Debbie Fiebelkorn

RM of St. François Xavier - Reeve Rick van Wyk

RM of Taché - Mayor Justin Denis Bohemier

RM of West St. Paul - Mayor Cheryl Christian

Town of Niverville - Mayor Myron Dyck

Town of Stonewall - Mayor Clive Hinds

Village of Dunnottar - Mayor Rick Gamble





Our Office

Unit 1 - 1749 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 0E6

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